Being Scrooge at this time!

The Scrooge Approach is all about trumpeting old fashioned values like saving, being prudent, doing things for others.

Boring stuff I hear you say. Sure is, but that’s life for you.

Americans, Canadians, Australians, Irish, New Zealanders like to spend and spend. They like to spend rather than save.

But the big prize for spending and not saving goes to the Americans. They top the list. The good old US of A is in hock to the rest of the world, big time, the world’s biggest debtor to other countries. And George Bush keeps spending other people’s money.

Scrooge would like you to refrain from using your plastic this Christmas time. You don’t have to destroy your credit cards, just lock them away for the festive season.

You, Gen Y-ers, the creative digital users turned on by Photoshop, Flash, Dreamworker etc show your skill in design and impress your folks with the results. You say you’re creative. Well prove it.

For a US economy teetering on the edge of a recession, with the greenback tanking, and the smart money moving to China and other Asia, there is only one thing to do. Save don’t spend. And if your folks think of you as skinflinted, blame it on Scrooge. He can take it.


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